My conceptual framework is characterized as a metamorphosis expressing evolutionary features. Sculptures arising therefrom must be envisioned as manifestation of a process - or as a stroboscopic view freezing a continuous movement in time and thus creating an unique entity.

The metamorphosis originates from a basic shape. A shape emerging in every piece of work even multiple times creating inwardly self-referencing structures. The external shaping of my work encounters further creative forces. The entanglement of inner and outer structures results in individual appearances of objects with identical configuration.

The observer is free to choose which criteria (internal or external) to follow when trying to relate or systematise objects with seemingly identical appearance. By doing so one will have to realize time and again that more than one arrangement is possible.

Individuals contain records encoded as a sequence of numerals - their origin and content shall remain a secret.

My compositions cause objects to interact, to enter into a dialog - amongst each other and with the beholder. Thereby locations and the perception thereof play an important role in observing each other through various lines of sight, resulting in different viewpoints between obsubjects.

My basic design resembles a jet of water - the transfiguration of motion - a flux resulting in innumerable shapes wherever live emanates.

Heinrich Knopf

Limonaia d' arte
Via Rimembranza 18
25084 Gargnano (BS)
Katalog 2011 (PDF)